The Mission of SUR MANDIR VIDYALAYA is to promote and spread the love of MUSIC and encourage Participation, Achievement and Excellence in field of HINDUSTANI CLASSICAL MUSIC.

They are the MUSIC-LOVERS who support the ARTISTIC EXCELLENCE and ASPIRATIONS of SUR MANDIR VIDYALAYA and the enjoyment of Classical MUSIC in general.

Your Donation will enable us to support our MISSION and ensure that SUR MANDIR VIDYALAYA will continue to develop its Profile enabling children from all cultures and backgrounds to have the opportunity to learn about the world of MUSIC and to participate in concerts alongside the professional Musicians.

Support from Individuals, Companies and Trusts is fundamental in allowing us to continue to provide World-Class MUSIC to the world and maintaining our commitment to children and young people forever.

  • Donations of any amount are always gratefully received and provide valuable support.
  • Donations can also be in the form of MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS etc
  • For the details of the other ways in which you would like to make a Donation to SUR MANDIR VIDYALAYA contact Vidyalaya office or email us at